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You’re visiting me, your dear auntie, for summer vacation. When I welcome you into my home, you can’t help but notice how sexy I look. Maybe you’re imagining it, but you suspect I might be flirting a bit. You watch my ass as I lead you into the guest bedroom, and as I slowly bend over to pick something off the bed. I tell you to make yourself at home & I leave you alone to get settled.
You decide to explore the house, and you hear my voice coming from another room, so you sneak in to spy on me. You see me looking at myself in the mirror, talking about how hot I look in my outfit, how my breasts & ass look awesome. As I start to walk toward the door, you back out quietly & sneak back to the guest room.
I call to you, my nephew, to come into the living room. I am shyly trying to ask you a question. It’s awkward, but your uncle (my husband) is away from home a lot. I’ve been feeling really neglected. You’re a young guy & I want your opinion about my body. I show off for you in my secretary outfit and ask if you think your aunt is sexy. You tell me that I’m sexy & I’m quite relieved.
I sit next to you on the couch while we watch TV, you keep sneaking looks at my ass, and I can see you watching me. When it’s time to set the table for dinner, I lead you into the kitchen. You come up behind me, pressing your crotch into my ass, and I rub my ass on your hard cock. I tell you to wait for me in the living room.
When I come back I’m wearing lingerie. I need a man right now, and I’m so horny that I fuck you cowgirl style. Then I bend over the coffee table & tell you to fuck me from behind. I want to cum in reverse cowgirl, so I ride you hard & cum on your young cock. This summer visit with your auntie is going to be fun for both of us.

Aunt fucker POV Virtual

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